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Client service is the cornerstone of the success of UIB Saudi Ltd (UIBS) as one of the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance brokers.

Our clients operate in a wide range of global business activities, from passenger airlines to international shipping and from construction to professional services advisors.

We believe that delivering quality products and services is fundamental to our long-term partnership with you.

This Client Service Charter sets out the services that UIBS will provide to you as our commitment to supporting your business.

Our service commitment comprises five key elements

  • 1
    Expert account service teams dedicated to placing and servicing all classes of insurance and reinsurance business
  • 2
    A Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA) that sets out our business relationship with you
  • 3
    Clarity and Transparency
  • 4
    A structured approach to the negotiation and placement of risks
  • 5
    A full claims service in the event of a claim