What UIBS Expects Of You

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To enable UIBS to deliver a quality service to you and meet your (re)insurance requirements we expect you to:


  • Abide by UIBS Terms of Business Agreement.
  • Act with utmost good faith towards us and (re)insurers at all times.
  • Disclose to us, before the(re)insurance risks concluded or at any time during the period of the risk, any information, fact or circumstance that you know or ought to know which is material to the risk.

Premium payment

  • Ensure that premiums are paid promptly on or before the due date stated on our debit note to ensure continuity of cover.
  • Advise us insufficient time prior to the due date if you become aware that you are not able to make the funds available to us on time.

New enquiries and renewal quotations

  • Provide the information required to enable us to approach (re)insurers for an initial indication of whether or not they are prepared to accept the risk and the cost and conditions.
  • Allow sufficient time for the market to be approached taking into consideration any time zone differences.
  • Provide information in response to our requests on a timely basis.
  • Confirm to us if the security engaged on each contract is acceptable to you and instruct us to seek alternatives if necessary.


  • Advise us as soon as possible of any event which has occurred that might lead to a claim under the cover placed by us.
  • Provide sufficient information in order for us to notify (re)insurers of a potential loss, particularly to allow them to advise or appoint a loss adjuster/surveyor, as necessary.
  • Provide timely and complete responses to our requests, where possible, in support of your claim.
  • Provide periodic updates to all open claims, for reserve purposes and closures.
  • The terms and effectiveness of our charter are reviewed regularly.


  • We welcome your feedback on the effectiveness of our charter and performance.
  • We will monitor your feedback as a measure of our compliance with the service standards set out in this charter to help us continuously improve our service delivery.